About Dilshara

"My work has inspired many and changed the face of Bridal bouquets and wedding décor."

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Having been born in Bandarawela and seeing flowers grown in my garden since childhood, my floral passion coupled with my creativity, has made Blooms one of the most unique flower shops in Sri Lanka since 1994, with a reputation for unique designs, variety and quality of flowers. My work has inspired many and changed the face of Bridal bouquets and wedding décor; my belief in naturalism, earthiness and authenticity in my décor outlook led to many clients loving my artistic creations, novel ideas and simplicity in my designs. I am also known around the industry as a pleasant, workable and creative individual.

Since we’re always pushing ourselves to be the best in everything we do, we have accumulated a wealth of experience which has led us to look ahead to the new horizons of events and holidays. If you want a well-organised event that will be talked about for weeks on end, look no further than Blooms Events or if you’re planning your next great trip, talk to Blooms Holidays and get ready for a dynamic and enjoyable vacation. We’ll take care of it all for you!

They say the whole is greater than its individual parts and this is true for our team. They are the reason that Blooms had made it this far and everyone at Blooms works in an environment of trust and confidence. We rise by lifting others. None of us can do it alone, but together, we are unstoppable. Providing employment, purpose and a valuable skill set to many individuals is rewarding on so many counts. Blooms already have a reasonable market share within the floral market in Sri Lanka due to our maintained quality service and high level of customer satisfaction.

I hope you enjoy working with us and we look forward to serving you.

Dilshara Perera
Managing Director of Blooms
B.Bus - AUS/ MGT & MKT